El Corazrita Cocktail

Posted on 28 April 2012 by admin     

This cocktail is using a puree of sorts, created by Beverage Artistry known as El Corazon. This cocktail’s main spirit is Cachaca with some lime juice, bitters and agave nectar. Definitely new and unique.

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  1. dandywankers Says:

    lol @ no pants friday!

  2. everydaydrinkers Says:

    Yes, and there is a tequila, I believe, called El Corazon.

  3. andrew12494 Says:

    Trivia: “El Corazon” translates to “The Heart” in english.

  4. everydaydrinkers Says:

    lol, and so it begins! :)

  5. madman720ap Says:


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